Frequently Asked Questions

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First and foremost, you need to register yourself by visiting . Once you are done registering, it will be easier for you to place your order.
If you are a registered user, then simply click on the product you want to buy and follow the step by step process to finish placing your order.
Click on the 'Order Tracking' link in the top left corner of your profile page. This link can also be accessed by clicking on the 'Order Tracking' button in the left pane of your profile. All your orders, their order numbers and their status will be displayed.
Al Tabarruk offers the 'Cash on Delivery' (COD) mode of payment due to its popularity and ease of use. The price that you pay is inclusive of all taxes and courier charges. Please make sure the packet is sealed before you make the payment to the courier.
  • In the event that the product you have received differs from the product you have ordered, then you need to follow these simple steps:
  • Check our Returns Policy to check if your product falls in the 'General Merchandise' or 'Restricted Categories' list.
  • If your product is listed under the restricted categories list, then these items are non-returnable. However, some exceptions may occur in the case of Dates (Khajoor). To confirm this you will need to call our helpline at 021-38781786 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm). Our courteous and efficient support center staff will gladly guide you in this regard.
  • Once you have established that your product lies in the General Merchandise list, please call our helpline at 021-38781786. Our efficient call center staff will guide you through the returns process.
If the package you have received is broken or damaged in any way for example the seal is broken, and then please call us as soon as possible and we will guide you through the returns process.